Digital Business Cards

Wow your clients with a unique, elegant & affordable digital business card...

What is a Digital Business Card?

It's a business card that's always with you wherever you go. The easiest and quickest way to connect with your customers is through their mobile phones. Your card will never tear and you will never run out of supplies. If your contact details change it can be easily updated so no expense or need to re-print a business card again.


Express yourself and your uniqueness with a digital business card. Showcase your work or products with a gallery of photos, videos and social and custom links.

Easy to Share

Whenever you want to share it with someone, just click on the "Share" button on your card. You can choose from many methods SMS, WhatsApp, Email, Facebook, etc.

Save the Planet

It is environmentally friendly, no expensive printing is involved, saving trees. It is also COVID safe, as there is no need to physically pass cards to your connections!


Here are a few of the features explained that you can have on your Digital Business Card:

How it Works

In only 3 simple steps and you've got your very own Kano Connect digital business card:


Complete our enquiry form and choose your plan.
We will discuss your design options and layout and setup your card with your full contact details.
You will send us your content: photos, Youtube videos, any custom links and about information.


Once you are happy with your card simply save it to your device.
You will receive a text message/email with the link to your card.
Save your card to the home screen of your mobile device – that way it can easily be shared with others.
Instructions on how to save to the home screen:


Get sharing, it's so easy!
When you want to share your card with a contact, simply open it and click on the "Share" button on your card.
You can then choose from any of the sharing methods available (SMS, WhatsApp, Email and Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.).
You can also copy the link to your card and share it as you would any other web page.